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Приглашение к участию в совместном научном проекте по созданию базы знаний по критическим свойствам фреонов

Invitation to the research project “Calculation of the   P, V, T critical properties of freons and their alikes using new fully weighted (edges and vertices!) graph invariants and programming corresponding new knowledge-based informational system


I am in a process of writing book (in Russian) “Calculation of the critical properties of freons and their alikes. Ozone-safety freons” which will be published to the end of 2017 and will gives very detailed analysis and description of the basic results published already in the article

«Новые инварианты взвешенных графов для расчета критических свойств фреонов», Ж. физич. хим., т. 89: 12, 1825 – 1840 (2015); DOI: 10.7868/S0044453715120171 / “New Invariants of Weighted Graphs for Calculating the Critical Properties of Freons”, Russian J. Phys. Chem., v. 89: 12, 2159 – 2173 (2015); DOI: 10.1134/S0036024415120171 (both reprints are attached below)

and at the same time I am looking for young colleagues, aspirants or doctorants to develop and program a new knowledge-based system for predicting the critical properties of freons originated by methane, ethane, propane, butane etc, of their Si- and Ge-analogues, alcanes and probably other homological series based on the use of our new fully weighted (edges and vertices!) graph invariants: all well known invariant indices which belong to the Randich, Hosoya and Balaban families are not appropriate for calculation of the critical properties of molecular classes mentioned above.

          Let me mention some basic requirements to those young researchers who would decide to join this research project (or to obtain PhD or Doctor of Sciences degree):      1) knowledge of the graph invariants theory (due to Randich, Hosoya, Balaban, at least) and corresponding well developed programming algorithms;  2) programming and DB knowledge; 3) multiparametric regression analysis and algorithms for linear regression (always shown with our new graph invariants), as well as multiparametric optimization and statistical testing algorithms; 4) one would have to review P,V,T experimental critical properties of molecular classes mentioned above in order to select the teaching-based data: our analysis of these experimental data will be available but dated 1990.

Prof. Yuriy Kruglyak, d.f.-m.n./


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