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Announcement in " HORIZON 2020 " Framework Programme for Research & Innovation [Official Groups]

HORIZON 2020 Group Surpasses 175,000 Members
M. Taner Aktas
Founder of GLOBAL INNOVATION SERVICES, Inc. Consulting and Training in HORIZON 2020 Projects, Expert in GIS, BIM and VDC
We are celebrating a milestone after our LinkedIn group achieved over 175,000 members from around the world. HORIZON 2020 group is the World’s largest R&D and INNOVATION network.

Below you can find the updated H2020 groups based on LinkedIn's recent redesign of groups. There is no more subgroups, all became separate groups. Feel free to JOIN all new H2020 thematic groups:

★ JOIN the newly designed THEMATIC GROUPS ★

Please join H2020 groups based on your particular research topics and R&D interests, post and respond to partner search requests in groups.

• MARIE CURIE Actions, Fellowships, Grants, PhD Careers, R&D Jobs

• ERASMUS+ Funds, Education, Culture, AudioVisual, Youth & Sport

• INNOVATION and Entrepreneurship Network, Science & Technology Policy and Management

• STARTUPS, Entrepreneurs, Mentors, Silicon Valley, Angels and VCs

• ICT R&D and Innovation in Information & Communication Technologies

• ENVIRONMENT, Hydroinformatics, Climate Change, Water Resources

• TRANSPORT Research, and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

• SMART CITIES and Communities, ICT in Building and Construction

• BIM (Building Information Modeling), Global A/E/C Projects and Jobs

• HEALTH, Medical Research, Pharma, Drug, Healthcare, Life Sciences

• BIOTECHNOLOGY, BioEconomy, Food Science, Agriculture, Forestry

• NANOTECHNOLOGY, NanoScience, Materials, Optics & Photonics

• SECURITY, Defense Research, Intelligence, Emergency Management

• ENERGY Research, Fossil Fuels, Renewables, and Energy Efficiency

• SPACE Technology, Exploration, Earth Observation, Remote Sensing

• SOCIAL Innovation, Socio-Economic Sciences & Humanities (SSH)

• EUREKA Network, Funds for Industrial Innovation for SMEs & Clusters

• CoSME, Competitiveness of SMEs, Small Business Growth and EEN

• GIS & Geospatial Tech, Indoor LBS, IoT, GPS, LiDAR, NSDI, INSPIRE

• TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER, Monetizing IP, Commercialization, Patent

• AMERICAN Innovation and R&D Funds, US Grants, Federal Funding, SBA, SBIR, NIH, NSF & Cross-Border Cooperation with USA in H2020


GISFusion is a leading management, business & technology consulting company, which provides project and program management, EU projects coordination, mentoring technology startups, entrepreneurship education, startup acceleration, technology diffusion, dissemination and exploitation services for the funded projects, matchmaking and consortium building, proposal preparation, and consultancy and training in funding programs.

We are available to you as a partner in H2020, Erasmus+, CoSME and other related projects, calls for proposals, and business opportunities.

Our main interests are Smart Cities, Transport, Environment, Geo-ICT, Construction skills and BIM, innovation & entrepreneurship ecosystem for young startups and SMEs, tech Entrepreneurs, business incubation, startup acceleration, and other related themes in 2016-2017 calls.

★ Let's SHARE and INVITE others ★
Please feel free to forward this message to your colleagues, contacts, and all other interested persons.

Best regards,

M. Taner Aktas
Founder & CEO
Global Innovation Services

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