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67 organizations are in 61 proposals on MAIN LIST (80 participations), with EC contribution of 11.95 M€. In particular Ukraine submitted 75 proposals for project co-ordinations of which 4 were classified for funding (MAIN LIST) with EC contribution of 1.78 M€.

These results classify Ukraine on the third place among Associated Countries just after Israel and Norway in both: number of participations and gained EC contribution. At the same time Ukraine reached 3 times better result in the number of participations and gained EC contribution than Tunisia, Moldova or Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Detailed analyses show that 18% of UA participants are from HES (69 organizations with 268 participations in submitted proposals), 47% from PRC (179 with 272 participations) and over 23% from REC (90 institutes with 199 participations). Finally 15 HES, 18 REC and 26 PRC from total of 67 organizations will participate in projects selected for funding.

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В целом печально. Украина получит в четыре раза меньше Эстонии и Люксембурга. Кстати, в классификации реципиентов финансирования немало путаницы. К примеру НАН почему-то отнесена к сектору высшего образования.


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